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René Mario is back in the air

After a few words I want to send many, many thanks to all the pilots that helped René Mario to receive a glider fitting his needs for size.
Rene Mario had two spine surgeries after a collapse close to the ground. Due to his body mass and light weight the glider he flew that day, acted real fast, collapsed and left no chance for proper reaction to stabilize. 

The devastating consequence for René Mario: He hit the ground, an entire thoracic vertebrae smashed and two more vertebrae squashed. 

He went through a series of two big surgeries that left René Mario for four full month in the hospital.  He needed a few more months to recover while not being able to walk. 

Little by little he started to recover.  Did small walks, a lot of exercises, then riding a bike to reach his final goal: go fly paraglider again. 

So here is these small and skiny pilot, airborne again, flying paraglider almost 2 years  after his accident.
René Mario sends all his heart, soul and gratitud to all pilots and non pilots helping him to get this paraglider maintaining the hope. 

Here as a result: Rene Mario back in the air, flying in a good mood, almost as if nothing ever happend.
Special thanks to the iniator Thomas Odenthal from Drucktechnik Altona, Wolfgang Lange from Paratech, Switzerland, Christian Zell from SOL Paragliders and our long term supporter Chris Arnu who makes flying in Cuba with the help of many donation contributors more easy.