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Convocatoria Paragliding National Cup Cuba

August 2014 in Sagua de Tanamo

Fwd: de DEIVIS

Paragliding Club "Luces del Alba" from Sagua de Tánamo, Holguin, Cuba invites to all interested to
participate in the 2nd Paragliding National Cup. Named “Policarpo Alvarez Pileta" in Memorian, 11 - 17
August 2014.

The purpose is to increase sport-technical pilot’s level, sharing our experiences, plus greater friendship
and brotherhood among Cuban participants and foreign pilots.

With this event we intend to keep winning and learning advanced flying techniques, demonstrate that sport
is the main key to converge people, also to give the best of Free Flight to Sagua people for a wonderful
and enjoyed air show.

We will have Paramotor exhibitions, Ultralights, Modelers, Parachute Jump who give a rich demonstration
of their skills as a pilot in their air-sport modal and a Kite Festival with primary school children.
The registration quota will be 10 CUC foreign pilots, 50 CUP Cuban pilots.

Sagua de Tánamo is a town nestled in the mountains of Nipe- Sagua-Baracoa, at north-east in province of
Holguin, Cuba. It has over 50,000 habitants , has the Sagua River , a large river, fed by four rivers and
more than 30 affluent, rich in crystalline waters , becoming in the second country's water reserves.
Beautiful places. Main line economic is agriculture, principally coffee.