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Our small Cross Country flight



Man! Today was a real good day.  Everywhere thermals poped up the gliders. Shortly before noon the thermals turned into monsters: Rising up to 1500m (and probably more) above GND.

I was flying an old Airea Aspect and with this wing I was the slowest and couldn't go far from Guisa. Anyway an amazing experience man. Flying with the vario shouting like there is no tomorrow. I went
almost deaf because of the high pitch. Need to adjust this.

It is a real pitty that I was the only one with a tracking device, while the others flew perfectly well:

El chino crossed all over the river dam in front of Corralillo, trying to reach "El Bolo". Later he returned to the Main road near Santa Rita. El conejo could make it to the junction of Guisa. Chavez and Pupito
took the same route and returned to the town in order to close a triangle.

Really, a real good and amazing flying. I was crying in the air for a better wing, like a Targa: Buhuhuhuaaaaa

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