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Guisa champions 2013 - Gleitschirm Kuba - Parapente Cuba

We are having good conditions for flights now, just a little strong wind.

Fantastic men, like never before the weather in Guisa was almost perfect, the 1st day everybody flew.
Every single pilot could start, some of them even 2 times.

The event in Guisa was a success, we flew all the days with a top ´til 1200mts high, and length about 15 kms in a straight way, that was the permission we got from authorities, but of course more distance and altitude would have been possible.

There were pilots from Santiago, Granma, Las Tunas, Ciego de Avila, besides the other people that support the activities like the Cuban Red Cross (rescue), the CAC and FCVL main men. The other clubs of the east... we suppose went to Sagua.

The goal on day one was the baseball field in Guisa, a race against clock, the best time was 7 minutes.

Rene Mario was also there and he flew two times, and experienced his first thermal after the accident.
The second day brought strong wind, but beside that like 50 % of the pilots took off and 7 pilots reached the goal in San José, a small school in the back part of
El Macho.

At the end of the day it was raining a little bit and after that the wind dissapeared for 30 minutes and some pilots decided to jump down with their paraglider.
Rene Mario was one of them, but in the very second he launched his glider, the wind started over again and he was flying backwards.
But lucky him, his glider decided to move forward little by little and he landed safe.

The 3rd day was the best day of all, the thermals went real nice and strong that and  in one go 13 pilots where flying inside.

One of them in the upper part of Guisa, including Rene who made his first long jump to Guisa after the accident.

The goal that day was La Nenita in the road from Guisa to Bayamo, like 3 Km.

Only 3 pilots made it. Anybody else took the baseball field in Guisa entertaining the town with a nice show.
The last day was free to enjoy.

The places of the competition were the following:

1st Granma
2nd Santiago
3rd Ciego de Avila

1st   Osniel (Avax XC2)  from Guisa first.
2nd Jose Alberto (Boom 3) from Guisa secound
3rd Dani Daniel (Artax) from Guisa third
Now we will prepare the national championship for the next year, I hope to see you here with us. I put some pictures in this message, so you can see the champions and the group.  I gonna prepare some more when flying for the next mail.


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