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1st EA5

First Report


There’re already in Santiago the most part of the pilots of all the country that they will participate in the 5th Friendship Gathering. Happily the mate’s of The INDER that support us, they’ve measured a grater quota lodgement capacities in the Sportive Hotel to us, and thanks to that, we can receive until 40 pilots of provinces, so we hope it be enough.

To many pilots from Pinar, La Isla, Habana, Camagüey, Las Tunas, Holguín, Granma and Guantánamo club’s have arrived. Yesterday midnight it still miss a good part of the Laminares for arrive, dilated in Habana Airport. The guys of Ciego and Las Villas haven’t came yet. Two Russian pilots have united to us because they heard of our event in the web. Tomorrow Friday in the mourning it should be come the biggest part of the foreigners pilots who reported its participation.

Yesterday after establish the first guesses and left directed some organization details we climb up to Boniato Harbor (Puerto Boniato) to warm engines. At last the day looks well after several days completely bads where was even possible to take off because the northern winds.

The conditions get better although with a middling roof and the sea breeze came to the mountain top about one o’clock of the afternoon. From that moment ahead the first take off began and few seconds later Boniato sky was full of Gliders. Zero turbulence, some shy thermals and soft and floating conditions.

About 20 gliders flew that day.


Today we shall climb up to the mountain at 12 noon to make the schedule fly to Melarejo, El Cobre. The plan is to make cross fly there and back again. A splendid and emotive trip of almost 40 Km over all Boniato’s range. I hope that many of us can make it and let the photos and GPS‘s tracks supported.





Club Vuelo Santiago.


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