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2nd EA5

Second Report.


Yesterday day was a completely disaster. It began to bad due to a coordination miss between the companions of the province INDER and the Security Officer on charged of the subject of the foreigners pilots presence. Fortunately all the matter was clear, but only after a long wait of  two and a half hour respecting the departure time to the fly zone.

It still miss to know if the CAC Direction communicated with accuracy to the National INDER Direction the information about the planning of the foreigner pilots presence. In fact, the detail had much strength in the problem. This forum, at who is precisely registered the CAC to make the information flow more easily, is witness in the message number 4109 on Tuesday, February 22th, sent by the organizer Ernesto. (I put add copy of that message).

For its part, the meteo want to make no less and it gives us hard north wind all day long. The sea breeze of Santiago made as much it could, but the most it could make was stop for some minutes the tale wind during the take offs, and blow a gentle weak breeze like to make departure with zero wind. At that time the pilots were barely preparing their equipments. Some moments later the north wind appeared to me make its will, and then, we could do nothing no longer. Some ultra-optimists and hyper-hopefuls pilots of province refused the situation while they were delaying in pick up again their equipments to return to the city.

Today, at 9:30 a.m. we officially inaugurate the event, and at 11:00 we are going to the fly zone in an attempt to determinate the stage of time estimation and precision launching. The meteo prevention is bad, perhaps equal like yesterday, so that, if we can’t do the planning for today, we probably make the attempt tomorrow afternoon. For tomorrow morning it’s been agree to make the inflated race, that we can make practically with or without the wind presence and in any direction.


Crossing my fingers I hail you,



Club Vuelo Santiago



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