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5th EA5

Fifth Report


And finally the 5th Friendly Gathering comes to its end. After the inconveniences caused by the hour change, at 10:00 in the morning, with one hour of delay according to the program, it carried out a Spartan act of awards in the called Olympic Hall of the Sportive Hotel.

The Laminar Club, from Habana, obtained the first place fallowed it by the Club Vuelo Santiago and the third place was for the Club Alas from Bayamo, Granma. The individual places were for the member of the Laminar’s “The Animal” Carlos Pons Ledesma in the first place. The second place was conquered by “El Chino” Gerardo Ramos Salgado of the Club Alas from Bayamo and the third place was for Daniil Prusakov Martínez member of the host club of the 5th Edition of this event. After the awards act, in another close area but inside the hotel, it carried out the delivery of the donatives with the presence of a foreigner pilots group that they have contributed in important way in the management of this equipments. The activity that extended for more than an hour due to the great material for deliver, was leaded by Ernesto and Chris.


Later we’ll send you the entire story of the event.





Club Vuelo Santiago




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